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Move-in Modes

Move in by leasing a space

We Offer Adequate Space for Your to Choose from

With 23 buildings, over 300,000sqm floorage put into use, we offer you a big plate to choose from, including offices, small-size decorated single rooms, small-size bare concrete rooms, bare concrete single floors, bare concrete single buildings and ultra-cleanroom. 

Offices: office desks and chairs, lockable cabinets and WIFI device are readily available to help your company register or for other short-term uses.

Small-size decorated single rooms (with furniture): Size available from 40 to 200sqm. An ideal choice for temporary lease/rent. Videoconference rooms and regular meeting rooms are available to lease; quick access to printers and copy machines with a charge card. Coffee and tea areas are open in the Lakeside Leisure Zone.

Small-size decorated single rooms (without furniture): Size available from 100 to 500 sqm for lease/rent on a long-term basis. An ideal venue for office work, R&D, sales and display.

Small-size bare concrete rooms: Size available from100 to 500 sqm for long-term rent. Some floors are equipped central air-conditioning system.

Bare concrete single floors: 2,000 sqm or above for long-term rent.

Bare concrete single buildings: 5,000-16,000sqm for R&D, pilot production, small-scale production, corporate office and showroom. Transferable. 

Ultra-cleanroom: 3,400 sqm in total. Cleanliness up to magnitude 1000. Can be partitioned to custom size. Separate utility meters. Internet and landlines have been connected into the building and customers may contact China Telecom to turn on the service.

Customize your own building

Customized Building to Buy Whenever Appropriate.

We can construct production / R&D buildings to custom requirements and lease to the customer after completion. The customer has the right to purchase the building it’s rented when appropriate. 

Joint Design and Ensured Regulatory Compliance

The project will be co-designed by the customer and the managing office of Nanopolis Suzhou to ensure the scheme aligns with our overall planning, design concept, architectural style, landscaping and lighting design of Nanopolis Suzhou and applicable regulatory requirements.

Preferential Rent Plus Return on Equity (ROE)

The managing office of Nanopolis Suzhou will lease the customized buildings to the customer at a preferential rate and the customer and its shareholders grant a certain share of its equity to Suzhou Nano Venture Capital Co., Ltd. in return.

Or building one by yourself

Apply for land and build your own plant in two years!

Nanopolis Suzhou allows companies to build their own facilities for office work, production, R&D, pilot production, etc. It is required that companies intending to do this enter a self-built agreement with the managing office of Nanopolis Suzhou and make a pro rata construction deposit.

The companies break the ground in half year after the obtainment of the land and complete the construction in two years from the commencement date of construction.

For self-built projects, the companies are responsible for their own designs as long as they’re in conformity to the overall planning, design concepts, architectural design, landscaping, lighting, etc. of Nanopolis Suzhou and applicable regulatory requirements. 

We help you with your approval package preparation and guide you to government approvals.

We expect you send the approval package, including but not limited to the design and construction drawings, to the managing office of Nanopolis Suzhou for review before submitting to any government bodies, including planning, environmental protection, construction, urban administration, safety and security administration, and fire control, etc. We’ll review, and improve if necessary, your package to ensure you’ll get the government approvals successfully.

After receiving a written confirmation from the managing office of Nanopolis Suzhou, you may submit the approval package to the relevant government departments and commence construction after obtaining the relevant approvals.