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Policy Service

Policy Counselling and Project Reporting Advisory Service

We provide advisory and counseling services regarding all levels of talent and technology projects reporting, including personnel policy, science and technology funds, industrial policy, whole loaning business, patent application, enterprise certification and so on.

Policy counselling and file preparation advising for talent and technology projects reporting at the national / provincial / municipal levels

Policy counselling and file preparation advising for National "1000 Talent Plan", High-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents of Jiangsu province and Leading innovative and entrepreneurial talents of Suzhou 

Policy counselling on public technology platforms and introduction of talents of Suzhou Industrial Park

Policy counselling and file preparation advising for High-tech enterprises and high-tech products in Jiangsu Province

Communication and file preparation advising for Jiangsu provincial special policies for nanotechnology achievements industrialization

Analysis of the special industrial policies for nanotechnology in Suzhou Industrial Park

Analysis of other financial, personnel, fiscal policies

To help companies communicate with SIP SME Service Center 

To introduce professional, respected agencies to help companies prepare project reporting files to improve pass rate;

All-through Professional Service on SIP Leading Talent Reporting 

The Suzhou Industrial Park nano-leading talent selection project, known for its fairness, impartiality and transparency, is a talent support program that gets the most intensive support and has the most extensive coverage in SIP. Projects are reviewed using indicators such as project maturity, functional completeness, etc. and given the title of hatching / leading / growing enterprise accordingly to suit the development needs of enterprises at different stages. Venture capital institutions and successful entrepreneurs are included in the review panel to provide one-to-one business coaching to selected projects. Applications are accepted throughout the year and the review usually starts around May and results published in November and the winning enterprises can enjoy the corresponding support policies the same year. Selected SIP leading talents will be given a set of preferential policies including start-up funding, housing subsidies, equity investments, loans and interest subsidies and office subsidies.

To provide detailed interpretation of the leading talent policies at all levels;

To provide one-to-one coaching and service throughout the leader reporting process, including professional counseling on project plans and self-defending materials 

To conduct patent evaluation and review related to the project to report

To hold self-defense rehearsals prior to official interviews and to invite industry experts to coach on the rehearsals in advance 

To provide matchmaking opportunities for quality projects with financing needs with quality venture capital institutions 

To track and safeguard the entire application process for leading policies 

To provide counselling service on the entire business registration process for leading projects 

To provide relocation service for leading projects, including site selection, personnel placement and various project reporting

Attachment 1: Nano-leading Talents Special Project

China’s earliest and most influential plan for high-level entrepreneurial talents

National Base for Overseas High-level Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents

Intensive support amounting to RMB 10 million

High-level projects, many of which have been selected into the 1000 Talent Plan and the provincial innovation and entrepreneurship plan

Cumulatively introduced 606 business teams or enterprises, including 216 in nanotechnology 

Cumulatively fostered more than 20 enterprises with sales exceeding RMB 100 million

Cumulatively fostered nearly 100 enterprises with sales exceeding RMB 10 million

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Attachment 2: Nanopolis Suzhou Leading Talent Project Reporting History

The year of 2011

20 out of 24 projects reported this year obtained funds at different levels. They covered new materials, MEMS, new energy and equipment, etc. Nanopolis focused on incubation projects of research institutes in academia, exhibiting SIP’s concepts of transferring technologies from academia to the market. 

The year of 2012

21 out of 35 projects reported this year were honored leading incubation enterprise, leading enterprise and leading growth enterprise and granted funds at different levels. With the aim to create a nanotechnology industry base, Nanopolis Suzhou was particularly interested in the progressiveness and the growth potential of projects at the project introduction stage, leading to an increase in the percentage of leading growth enterprises and leading enterprises among all award winners. 

The year of 2013

13 out of 35 projects reported this year have entered the interview stage. The projects were mainly in the fields of new materials, MEMS and equipment. The leading talent appraisal model in 2013 was different from previous years, with increased consideration given to the percentage of industry experts and senior venture capitals and engaged patent firms to evaluate the intellectual property rights involved in the projects. Generally speaking, factors such as technological progressiveness, team completeness, degree of industrialization and sufficiency of start-up funds weighed more than others when Nanopolis Suzhou introduced the projects.

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