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Corporate Intellectual Property Service
One-stop Corporate Patent Service

Corporate intellectual property service covers the stages, i.e., before, during and after patent application, mainly including patent search, analysis and consultation, translation, intellectual property project, intellectual property safe-keeping and intellectual property standardization and certification, a total of six kinds of service.

Patent Search Service

Patent search is a process of selecting specific information from a large quantity of patent literatures or databases according to one or multiple characteristics. Relying on the authentic data resources and intelligent search platform provided by Suzhou Workstation of Patent Search Consultation Center of State Intellectual Property Office, search experts utilize professional means to help clients obtain comprehensive and accurate patent information from mass data and generate patent search report.


● To evaluate the novelty and ingenuity of technology and provide advice on lawsuits on tort;

● To fully understand the status of technological development of in the same field and provide reference for avoiding infringing others’ intellectual properties and adjusting R&D directions;

● To provide grounds for patent owners and stakeholders to apply patented technologies, declare patented rights to be void and invalid, lodge lawsuits on tort, transfer patents and hold patents in pledge, etc.;

● To facilitate companies’ in making decisions on M&A, joint venture, etc. Find valuable “expired patents” to lower companies’ R&D cost and increase their benefits;

● To determine the covered region of a technological patent and understand the patent owners’ activities in the market to identify vacancies in the market regarding technology distribution so as to provide reference for corporates’ decision making on export, etc.

● To get informed on the newest patent information and understand the development trend of related technologies.

Patent Analysis and Consulting Service

Patent analysis is a unique and practical analyzing method used in corporate strategies and competition analysis. With the abundant experience of experts, the Center carries out in-depth, comprehensive and visible panoramic analysis of patents and technology information returned from the search and provides a variety of charts for analysis and detailed data interpretation.


● Avoid risks of infringement and redundant researches;

● Save cost of scientific researches and shorten research cycles;
● Effectively assess the value of imported technologies and save investment cost;
● Systematically organize patents and build solid and effective patent protection network;
● Seek licensors and licensees and assess the value of patents;
 Find threats to patents and establish early warning strategies;

 Conduct contrastive analysis of patent torts and search evidence of patent lawsuits;

Patent Translation Service

Relying on resources provided by Suzhou Workstation of Patent Search Consultation Center of State Intellectual Property Office, it offers translation of IP related legal documents, evidence of invalidity of patents, PCT patent documents; it implements a strict process of proofreading to guarantee the quality of translation, thereby establishing a good image for itself in the trade.

Business Competence

● Types of documents: Patent documents, PCT documents, technical literatures and legal documents;
● Team of translators: expert translators, senior translators, advanced translators, normal translators;
● Languages offered: English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish;

 Specialized fields: machinery, electrical, chemical, medical, communications, material, optics, law;

Intellectual Property Project Service

The WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Inventions & Industrial Designs is China’s only governmental award for patented inventions; it is recognized by the World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO) and has international influence.


 The highest honor in China’s patent field with global recognition;
● Improve companies’ industrial and technical position and influence;

 Obtain grants and rewards from government departments.

Intellectual Property Safe-keeping Service

Intellectual property safe-keeping means the company puts its intellectual property in the care of a professional service institute for management; that is to say, the company finds a housekeeper for itself. The company signs a safe-keeping agreement with a safe-keeping service provider based on its managerial requirements so that the institute manages the intellectual property related affairs on the company’s behalf, including filing for, using, transferring and licensing patents as well as mortgage and financing, infringement protection and legal rights safeguarding, etc.


It became a most thoughtful safekeeping platform for corporates and scientific research institutes as it is developed to suit users’ habits of using with a view to the development trend of intellectual property management; it provides not only a combination of various functionalities such as intellectual property recording, reminder, report, analysis, etc. but also flexible setup for granting access, powerful modules for process customization and quick custom fields to satisfy different user requirements to the greatest extent, helping businesses save cost, worry less and become more efficient.